I saw him today,
Graciously walking down the street,
Immaculately dressed in a well fitting suit,
A suit neatly stitched to fit his breathtaking masculine body,
I saw him, I love him, I love him not.
The day grew old that fateful evening and found me resting on our cossy bed. Our bedroom warmly lit by the sun trying to prise the last of it’s amber limbs over the rooftops. I looked through the window and the sky looked lovely in pomegranate pink, the colour farmers looked for during harvest.
A lovely portrait of my man and I graced the wall on the right side of our bedroom. It depicts a lot of love and affection between my man and I. He’s got that dark skin adonis look and dark eyes that make me weak at the knees. He posseses the heart of a lion and the soul of an Angel. His height is breathtaking. He’s slim, muscular , with an almost perfectly symmetrical face. He has an African heritage that shows in his features and body type. He is a one –woman-man who prizes genuineness and thoughtful conversation above lipstick and high-heels. He is handsome, but inside, he is beautiful. He Is my man.IMG_20160429_171335

The light that penetrated through our bedroom window slowly got swallowed by the encroaching darkness. The stars and the moon shone brightly as if to remind me that even in darkness, there is light. The night rolled over bringing a threat of storm. I reached to the other side of the bed hoping that my man was there but once again, he was nowhere to be seen. Things haven’t been alright for the past few months and we are slowly growing apart. Many times I washed lipstick stains off his shirt. Many times I witnessed him receive strange phone calls , and the stranger calling is a woman, a workmate, and who knows, maybe even a sexmate. I have tried to put up with all these and many more means things, all in the name of taking care of my relationship. I however bid goodbye to all these. Tonight is a night of change.
My man walks in hours later in the night , looking all worked up, wearing a face full of guilt. I look at him straight in his eyes and he evades contact with my eyes. He acts like he has been reciting answers on his way back home and all he is waiting for is a question from me. He takes off his dirty cotton shirt and khaki pants and drops them right beneath his legs and without saying a word, he gets to bed and makes himself comfortable between my white sheets. I watched him lying on the bed , breathless, but he was still alive. I felt like turning his body so that I could see his face, but a force stronger than me stopped me from doing that. He however turned to face my side, probably yearning for more warmth. He has smooth flawless skin, which looks like a sheet of well done cloth. His face however betrayed him. His hair smelled of a feminine perfume. Seems a woman somewhere had been playing with his hair. His full lips smelled like he had been eating someone’s punani. Seems this time he devoured it like it was the last supper. His long fingers rest on his chest like they have had enough that night. I gave him my heart and my body , however , the exquisite pain of wanting his affection so badly and not getting any of it back drove me crazy, and just like his fingers, I have also had enough of this treatment.
Well, nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love. If only the strength of the love that people feel when it is reciprocated could be as intense and obsessive as the love we feel when it is not, then relationships in this day and age would be like Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet’s. Unrequited love turns bitter and mean, and sometimes those who come after, pay the price for the hurt done by the one who came before.
When unrequited love is the most expensive thing on the menu, sometimes we settle for the daily special; Let’s just have sex, cause love, love will tear us apart. In reality, the age we live in has little to do with commitment and attachment is a spam.


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Shout me a whisper, you the butterfly of my heart.

My butterfly, in you I found love, in you I found peace, in you I found security of my heart, in you I found joy. In you I found all  I desired  to have.  Aaaaaaawww butterfly, what more  can I ask from you?  Shout me a whisper, you the butterfly of my heart.

You brighten up my world just like a butterfly brightens up the sky. You fill my world with beauty , just like a butterfly fills the sky with beauty. You see something in me even when I see nothing  at all. You raise me up from my zero points to my heroin points. Aaaaaaawwww butterfly, what more can I ask from you? Shout me a whisper, you the butterfly of my heart.

My butterfly, my everyday valentine, I adore you. I adore every moment we spend together, the…

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“I love you, I love you , I love you”. These are the words that my love said to me every single day of our days.
I can barely tell how on earth I fell in love. The only thing that I know is that I fell in love. The hours we spent together turned into days, the days into nights and the nights into months. Waking up next to him was always a great moment for us.Time moved super fast just in the same way a raging fire does. In him I found love. In him I found joy. In him I found security of the heart. In him I found all that I desired to have and surely no words can explain that great feeling I had. Indeed being inseparable from the person you love is one of the best feelings anyone could ever have.
Being separated from a person you love is one of the most painful feelings any soul could bear. However strong you masccarrade yourself to be, a broken heart may bring you down to your very lowest levels.
Just when I got completely conviced that our love was a love desired by many, issues arose from one sphere of our lives and brought the us we had crumbling down to million pieces, just like a broken mirror would.
That is when I torture my mind with lots and lots of questions.
Mr Love, must you be unfair? Some of us have been super loyal to you and you serve us with great pains in return.
Mr Love, do you care? Some of us care soo much about our loved ones and what do you serve us with in return? dissapointments.
Mr Love, do you have a heart? Do you even have any idea of what it means to shed very painful tears and soak your pillow with the very same painful tears?
Mr Love, do you love? Do you have emotions? Do you have feelings? Do you?.
Mr Love why me? You clearly know that I don’t deserve this kind of treatment from you. Am I not your special custodian? Am I not your most faithful servant? Am I ?
Painful tears cascade down my chubby chicks whenever the thoughts of us cross my mind. The thoughts of the good and bad times we shared together, the passionate kisses we shared. Honey your kisses were always full of passion. The moments you made love to me as you whispered sweet words into my ears. The times we danced in the mirror and sung in the shower together. The times we cooked our favourite meal together. The times you rubbed my back whenever it got to that time of the month, aaaawwww honey,no words can explain what we had.
They say that there is always a reason behind everything that happens in life. Thats true honey. That reason will one day come out in the open.
Well, fate rules. Fall in love young and never stop growing. Love is like a baby. Nurture it like it is one. Don’t break up in a couple of weeks or months and look for the same love somwhere else for you won’t find that in anyone else. Treat your partner realy good. Don’t just impose sweet names on them. Treat them like they are part and parcel of your life.
Love your partner. Respect your partner.
Enough Said!.

Kenya is a country that is a home to cries of political maturity. Nandi mp, Mr Keter happens to be a pioneer of these cries. He has however acted contrary to what Kenyans expect him to do.

He recently stormed the Gilgil weigh-bridge and demanded the KENHA and the police working a that place to release a truck. The truck however didn’t have authorisation to move on the road and was thus detained at the Gilgil weigh-bridge.
Sunjeev Kour Birdi, a URP nominated mp happens to be the owner of the truck.
The mps insulted the workers at the station and actually threatened the staff to leave their jobs. Mr Keter even wrongly used the name of the government in pursuance of convincing the workers at the station to release the truck.
Mr. Keter, you should drink the very same waters that you preach everyday, the waters of political maturity.

The ‘New’ Side Chick: I Was Her

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A side chick is commonly known as a mistress or a woman that’s romantically involved with a man who is in a committed relationship.  However after doing some reflecting, I realize that’s not the only type of side chick.  I want to discuss “the new side chick”–a woman who decides to stay by a man’s side after he has expressed his lack of relationship intentions with her through his words or actions.  So many women have made this mistake at least once in their lifetime, and unfortunately I’ve done the same thing.

I like to think of the new side chick as an appetizer.  You’re there just to satisfy the immediate appetite of the man, but as soon as that mouth-watering entrée comes out to the table, you will get pushed to the side, literally.  Why?  Because that entrée is what he really wanted; he went to the restaurant to…

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News makers, 2014! There are hundreds of events that made news this year and Sauti Sol is surely among the hundreds.
What is Sauti Sol? Who is Sauti Sol? What does Sauti Sol do? Many questions are asked whenever Sauti Sol is mentioned.
Well, this blogger has immaculate answers to these questions.
Sauti Sol is a music band consisting of four members. It initially began as an a capella consisting of three members; Delvin, Willis and Baraza and they called thamselves “sauti”, meaning voice. Otieno , the guitarist then joined them later and the word sol , meaning sun was added. Thus forming the word Sauti Sol, meaning voices of the sun.
It is often said that a journey of a thousand miles begins in a single step. These great guys made their first step in the year 2005 and they have never stopped working tirelessly hard for their success. They have been producing great songs, one after the other, feauturing the issues that affect us in our day to day lives. They released the song “rangerover” , and this song realy promoted them into fame. ” Heri ulie kwenye rangerover, ama ucheke kwenye bodaboda. ukose usingizi runda……..” The lyrics in this song are just soo real. They then released “Gentleman” and aaaww, which girl wouldn’t love to have a gentleman in her life?
Their fame kept rising in the year 2012 when they got nominated for the 2012 Channel O Music Video Awards. They won the award and that channelled their way into fame. Earlier this year, they released a song called “Nishike”. This song caused alot of controversies in the media since it’s content was considered” immoral”. It even got banned from the televisions. The band was even accussed of trying to bring out a Nicki Minaj in Kenya and that sounds soo outrageous . I however have a contrary opinion about this song. This song prooves how creative these guys are, how romantic these guys are and how brave these guys are. There is an audience that the Sauti Sol targeted as they wrote the lyrics and produced the great song Nishike. I therefore salute these great men for the efforts they put on that song. The banning of that song didn’t pull them down at all. It instead served as a stepping stone towards more achievements for the Sauti Sol.
The band then did a song called “sura yako”. This song is a complete definition of the word entertainment. Talk of the lyrics, the dances;lipala dance being the main style of dance, the theme of the song, aaaawww no word can explain the greatness of this song.
One more thing that I love about these guys is their love for education. They started the SOMA organisation whose main aim is to mentor the school going pupils and students. They also nurture their talents and encourage students to make great use of their talents. They also did a song to encourage promotion of education in the society and this also promotes their fame in their fame in the world.
Citizen Tv is currently airing the newsmakers 2014 programme and the Sauti Sol hasn’t been feautured. Well, not everyone can get feautured on the programme but they did make news this year. I applaud the Sauti Sol for the influence that they have made in the music industry and the society at large.
Congratulations Sauti Sol.


They usually say that the other woman is a cousin. Yes, the other woman is indeed a “cousin”.
Whenever I wake up in the wee hours of the morning with no specific agenda put in place, my phone , which is actually my favourite gadget, is usually one of the first subjects I think of.
That is when I go through my call log to check whether I missed a call from my boyfriend, whom I call honey. That is when I also review the chat I had with honey the previous day before drifting to bed. When am done with all that I visit my playlist. If there could be an award given to persons with cool playlists, then be rest assured that this Blogger could win that award year in year out.
As I listen to these great songs saved in my gadget, memories of times spend together with honey cross my mind one after the other. The times he asked me to be his girlfriend, the time we
had our very first kiss, the sunny days we went out for swimming and the rainy days we kissed under the rain while swimming in the cool waters of our favourite pool located somewhere in the outskirts of the town. The times he made breakfast and brought it to bed as the sweet aroma of the yummy eggs filled the room. The lunch dates and the dinner dates. The walks we would take in the evenings.The essence he would burn in the nights as we shared the sacred moment together, not forgetting the selfies we took like each and every day we were together . Daaaaammmnnnn! These songs remind me of just too much.
When I check my gallery, our pictures remind me of the beautiful times we spend together. Unfortunately some pictures located on the whatsapp profile pictures album downloaded from his whatsapp profile tend to create an apprehension in me. I then apprehend to thousands of fears.
That is when I ask myself lots and lots of questions. “who is she?, why was she together with my honey?, where were they?” It then hits me hard that it’s only honey who can answer my questions. When I ask honey all those questions, he tells me that she is his sister , daughter of his mother’s sister, his sister from another mother and in a nutshell, his”cousin”. I thus shouldn’t feel insecure about that. I then breath out a sigh of relief after trusting honey’s answers.
As days goes by, a gap out of nowhere is created between honey and I and a bond is created between honey and the “cousin”. The number of times honey appears on my call log reduces day by day. The great times honey and I shared together reduces day by day and the situation is the opposite between honey and “cousin”.
It then gets clear that honey is cheating on me but I don’t want to accept that fact. I keep clinging on him trusting that he will get back to the honey that I know. I shed painful tears and raise my hopes very high. I prepare myself for the worst but keep my fingers crossed and realy hope for the best.
Finally I get tired of fighting and I let go of the hard feelings. That is when I accept the facts in black and white. That is when I accept honey’s true colours. That is when I remember my worth as a woman and pity myself for dragging my worth as a woman in the mud. And that is when I promise myself to never settle on something less my worth.
A woman will always be the woman she has to be , come rain come sunshine.
Enough said!

Of Love And Love Letters


Beyond doubt I’m sure you are safe and healthy because it’s only this
morning your cousin assured me of the same, and my instincts too –
they have never been wrong in so far as you, My Love, are concerned.
I’m writing to do a thing that perhaps you’d find more romantic had I
done it face to face, looking deep into you clear eyes, as though
through them I’d see you heart, and hold my breath awaiting you kind
response. But I’ve chosen having it in writing so that you can read it
at your convenient time and the placid-most environment. You can
always refer to it and listen to me saying it over and over again. I
know you can invent a me speaking even if my words came in writing.
“Sweetheart, thank you for giving me the chance to love again and most
importantly, to love you and you alone!” That’s how one would quote me
had it been a verbal expression. You’ve made in me a new creature – A
constantly happy one, an ambitious fellow than ever before, a man I
never knew he existed, a secured boyfriend and a loved one just to
mention a few. I know in your mind the thought running is “Why should
this chap bother himself thanking me?” but should you be given a
minute to swim into the pool of my feelings, you’ll dismiss the
thought a million times. You’ve done me great, so much great and
always take serious the statement I say day in day out over phone:
“You are my best, Darling, with no ‘good’ or ‘better’ preceding” (The
order of adjectives broken ha!).
Having thanked you, I still don’t feel like signing off at this point.
I have time and much to say which can be borne in this vessel bound
for your hands as its destination. Darling I want to make you aware of
how precious I treasure you and the love we share. It is a special
thing that must not be taken for granted. Our love is kindred to a
flower except for one feature; a flower’s life is short-lived. Ours is
bright-coloured, attractive, sweet-scented, and its life can be
long-lived if you too want it to be, because I do. It is upon us to
nurture it. It was hard to bring it to life, it is even harder to keep
it alive but we can manage. You and I are capable of anything we want,
even keeping our love alive as long as we live.
I’m glad you accepted that I come as a package and you warned that
same is your case. We all have our shortcomings which we should
tolerate and/or correct for the sake of each other. There shall come
times when we will disagree over one thing or another and I wish that
those should be the times when we give an ear to each other the more.
Darling, let our mouths be springs of kind words, and the worst that
should come out of them, only in times of anger and bitterness (which
we should ,with all might, keep at bay), should be sober expression of
our feelings in good faith. With us there should always be a second
chance – though the second chance should not be an advantage of making
avoidable mistakes. For all that which is within our control lets to
the needful and surely, like a flower, our young love will bloom and
earn envy world over.
Also to bear in mind is that out there are cynics and haters. Their
portion is a dumb ear – give it to them generously without hesitating
and never will you regret.
Dearest, much I will say when we meet in person but before I sign out,
I must give this letter some poetic touch or rather some flesh of my

My lady,
In your heart my love will dwell
And in mine yours as well
Then together our love we’ll propel

Your love hit me akin to a spell
With some power words can’t tell
In a nature of its own model
I’ve heard not even in a fairytale.
The writings above have been composed by Felix Aswani. Check out his blog for more interesting articles.


We just cooked our “nding’ing’i”. Yes our “nding’ing’i” is already cooked. Does that give us credit to be life long partners? Or maybe have a great relationship with great memories? I realy don’t know about that. Well, maybe fate has the perfect answer to that.
Our men these days claim to dance to a diffrent tune when it comes to treating women. Nowadays they don’t even chase for a veeeeery long tym or even if they do that to a single girl, they could be chasing many more others. That is how diverse our men are, heheeeeeeee.
Come to think of this, a guy gets to meet a girl and he likes her alot and wants to get to know her more. This guy will go extra miles to treat this girl like a princess. The coffee dates, lunch dates, dinners and even road trips will be there in plenty. When the girl finally gives in and the nding’ing’i gets cooked, the chemistry just dissappears. Then you just wonder where the chemistry disappeared to. That is when the guy sheepishly says that ” nani aki mi sioni mahali tunaenda”(you and I are not going anywhere or rather you and I have no future.)
Our men should understand that a girl’s feelings are not toys to be played with. If a girl likes you enough to let you spend her time with her it doesn’t neccessarily mean that she can cross the oceans for you. It only means that she likes you and she’s trying to build something with you.
After dreams get shuttered , people move on to find greener pastures. Some actually know where they move on to while others don’t even know whether the term moving on exists. Some forget about their past episodes and look forward to having better persons in their lives while others cling to their past and get too blind to see the doors that the future opens for them. Unfortunately some of our men never leave in peace. They will tarnish a girl’s name and literally drag her name in the mud. These kind of men behave like like jerks. They will go around bragging in the following manners, “tumetap hiyo stuff, ile kuni tuliwasha na moto ilishazima, tulishagwara hiyo stuff, huyo biashara yake tushafunga blah blah blah”. Surely… must you masscarrade? The bible clearly states that intimacy is sacred and a punishment is awaiting such kind of men.
The world is changing and our ways of living are changing too. It’s high time our men get straight with their affairs. If u want a relationship come out clean n clear. If its a fleet that you want come out clean n clear too. Respect Women!

Respect a woman! Her dress Her choice

It’s 2am in the morning and as usual the crazy insomnia that crept in me ever since November 2012 can’t allow me to sleep beyond this wee hour of the morning.
Now that I can’t get some sleep any more, all my mind is thinking of is the immaturity, archaich and barbaric acts that our society has displayed in the past few days. I passionately hate a man who doesn’t respect a woman. I am not afraid to condemn such kind of men. Yes, this blogger seriously hates with immence passion the men who have no scintilla of respect for the women in their society. Infact they don’t qualify to be called men. They are small boys. Or rather jerks.
I get extremely dissapointed whenever I see immature , archaich and barbaric acts being committed in this nation. Being the patriotic citizen that I am, the fear for the future of my nation just eats me up alive. Daaammnnnn! My Country my pride, but these acts are just sickening.
Getting back to what’s currently cooking in the country, a woman was stripped nude at a bus stop in Nairobi, which is actually the most beautiful city in East Africa but unfortunately it’s on the headlines for all the wrong reasons. This lady was dressed in a miniskirt and a vest to cover her top. The lady actually didn’t have any problem with anyone but the idle touts in town pounced on her after she declined to stop when they directed the famous phrase “niaje msupa” to her. As if that is not enough, a fully grown man with beards on his chin courageously took a video of the whole incidence and the video is trending on social networks… surely what does this man have in between his ears? uji? . This surely broke my heart and my heart will get healed when an action will be taken against the perpetrators of this act. And today I shall use this platform to tell those men a very big shame on them inluding their animalistic character. Yes, SHAME ON YOU!
They say ” msichana ni urembo. Na urembo pia ni msichana”. The pride of a woman will always want her to be smart. Be it that she’s dressed in a short skirt or a long skirt, a trouser or a dress, a woman has to be the woman she has to be. So whoever is thinking of stripping nude another woman in the society should think twice for the curse from a woman shall be spelt against them.
Respect a woman for a woman is the biggest shareholder in the running of the society.